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'I bought a SmoothGroove though I was skeptical! I decided to put it to the ultimate test. I wore it with some pants I rarely wear (though I love) because they give me camel toe and require a thong as well. Not only that.......I was to fly and be sitting for 2 hours. The outcome? My pants nor my thong didn't ride up. I felt totally comfortable while sitting and totally confident upon arrival that I looked great. The SmoothGroove didn't move out of place nor did I notice I was wearing it! This is a surprisingly great product! Thank you!'
'I've had this problem for years now. Thank you for this brilliant idea. I just received my SmoothGroove last week and it has made my life easier and more comfortable. My friends used to point out my camel toe all time. They've noticed the change and no longer make fun of me. I feel like a better person with higher self-esteem. This product has changed my life.'
'Finally someone has created what I have envisioned in my head for so many years! I have used 'makeshift' plastic liners to try to address the same problem in the past. I'm sure you are getting some negative or confused feedback but rest assured your product is one with a Demand! I think it's wonderful. And I think you are a very strong women to come out to the public with this! Though I can't afford one right now I assure you I have spread the word to MANY of my girl friends... and we all think it's great!'
'It is so kind of you to be sending me a replacement! I will take extra care not to repeat my previous error. I was so happy with the results! I got so reliant on it so quickly and miss it terribly. Without it I am back to my typical wardrobe "malfunctions" causing lots of wardrobe changes before I can get myself dressed & out the door!'
'I don't know if anyone else has mentioned this to you, but not only does it eliminate the "cameltoe" problem, it also makes thong panties much more comfortable. The SmoothGroove basically seems to provide a bit of a buffer eliminating what can sometimes be uncomfortable or painful "thong creep", if you know what I mean.'
'Yeah brill product, works well does what is says on the web site, well thought up, a good solution to a female problem!!!!!'
'Thank you very much for your fast and excellent service! Smoothgroove definitely makes my life a lot easier, especially when trying to decide what to wear in the morning! Many thanks.'
'Goodmorning, Thank you for the quick delivery, good service and very nice products. Till next time. Kind regards, Heidy van der Ploeg'
'Just a thank you recieved my first ever smoothgroove today 16th feb beautifully packaged can't wait to test it out with a certain pair of pants yesssss all my friends will be told about it as well thank you again thought them pants were in the bin'
'Susan, I received my smooth groove last night WOW is all I can say I absolutely love it! Thank you so much Jolene x'
'Hello! I just read about your unique product online. I haven't tried it yet, but I just wanted to say that it's about time someone invented something like this, and I plan on telling ALL my female friends and relations about it. God bless you!!'
'I'm excited about trying this product I have had such a problem over the years it really is quite embarrassing,’Thanks again, Sally'
'Hello, Just saw your artical in love it! Absolutely genius idea, I don't know why no one has thought of this before hand. I hope love it, gets you lots of more customers, and lots of money to go with it :) Gemma X'
'Arrived today really pleased with product and how nice to put a hand written note in thank you x'
'I am so relieved that I can now wear white linen trousers!! I have also been trying to resolve the problem of the camel toe with everything from shoe horns to parts of plastic bottles!! I have told ALL my girlfriends about them and I'm sure you will have many purchases soon! If anyone would like to contact me about my views please ring me 07xxxxxx575 xxxxxxxx'
'I have just read your story in Love It magazine and think you have done women a great service. Good on you girl'
'Amazing idea just read about product in love it magazine :)'
'Hello Sue. Firstly would like to congratulate you on such a wonderful idea. I can wear jeans again without feeling paranoid. I was also very impressed with the speedy delivery.'
'Hi Susan Just a thank you for my order received today they look lovely Got one for my sister and the other two for my daughters Thank you again'

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