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USA Radio Show - Your Time With Kim

SmoothGroove has featured on the huge American radio show, "Your Time with Kim Iverson", heard on many radio stations across the United States. The radio show is primarily a talk-show, aimed at women and is summed up on their wesite -

'Kimís show rolls all of her experience ďAnd men, lotís of menĒ into a program about life, love, relationships and reality, with a meaningful blend of pop music, fashion and food. If youíre talking about it, your girlfriend Kim Iverson is, too. Meet Kim on the radio tonight, 7 PM to Midnight, during Your Time with Kim Iverson.'

The people at "Your Time With Kim" have been trying SmoothGroove and have also featured us on their website as a camel toe solution!

We should have a recording of the programme very soon!

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