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Susan Laurie creator of SmoothGroove

Susan Laurie (44) from north east England always preferred to wear figure hugging clothes that showed her shape off to the full. However, her passion for wearing her desired outfits was regularly blighted by the coarsely named ‘Camel Toe’.

But it was one particular incident back in 2007 that drove Susan to search the web for a workable solution. After trying on a pair of white linen trousers and catching sight of her profile in the mirror, she was both embarrassed and upset at how Camel Toe made her look.

This experience was the final straw for Susan and she searched the web for hours trying to find a product to alleviate Camel Toe. To her horror, instead of a product she could purchase, Susan only found hundreds of websites that ridiculed women, including celebrities, for this common problem. She even found one website advising women to make their own remedy – from cardboard! Susan did find one product from the US but, after trying it, was unimpressed at how ineffective it was.

Susan felt she had identified market potential, and set her sights on designing a simple solution that would change the lives and wardrobes of thousands of women just like her. The first step was to commission a series of focus groups across the UK with women of various ages, and the results convinced her there was definitely a sizeable potential market.

At this point Susan was just a mum, and the thought of starting her own business was a little daunting to say the least. She contacted Business Link, who opened doors and introduced her to various experts. Everyone she met took her idea seriously, especially after reading the focus group results and finding out that a staggering 55% of women in the UK will suffer from Camel Toe at some point.

Susan started to work with a company called Design Right Solutions and a year later patented her first design. Several prototypes and another year of research later, Susan has now created a safe, stylish and discreet product called ‘SmoothGroove’ which has been designed to work with the body’s natural movement and alleviate any unwelcome profile.

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