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Jounalist Puts SmoothGroove To The Test!

Here is what a journalist who tested out SmoothGroove wrote -

By Alexandra Jarocka on Sep 26, 12 08:37 PM in Pretty In Pink

Are you wondering what the title means?
Well, here is my answer...
I don't know about you but I love to wear figure-hugging clothes and skinny jeans , etc.
I am not the person who goes to the gym, but I know many of you do. I also know that we always want to look nice no matter what we wear.
You are probably thinking where I am going with this...
There are a lot of ladies out there who have very similar problem, and it's called "camel toe"
Yes, Yes this is a big problem believe it or not.
I can tell you a secret there is an amazing solution...
As you have probably guessed by now, it's called Smooth Groove. This is a fantastic invention and problem solving item.

I have tried it on and I must say it's definitely doing the job, its very soft and it moulds in to your body shape, to be honest I did not feel it at all. I really like the cute design of it and the way is presented. I can recommended it to all the ladies who tried to find a solution.
You can purchase it on Superdrug's website here is the link:

It's very hygienic and easy to clean. Its available in black,white and clear. It comes with a cute little satin pouch and lovely designed box.
You have to try it and I am sure you won't regret it

Journalist Tests Out SmoothGroove And Is Delighted!

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