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SmoothGroove - Number 1 In The World For Cameltoe Prevention!

Tuesday 21 April 2015

SmoothGroove - Comfortable, Hygienic, Washable, Discreet

SmoothGroove - Comfortable, Discreet, Washable, Hygienic

SmoothGroove - Soon Available on QVC!

Monday 29 September 2014

Watch out for SmoothGroove and Susan Laurie, it's inventor, on your TV screens on QVC very soon!

SmoothGroove on QVCSmoothGroove - Camel Toe Solution

SmoothGroove Is The Cameltoe Guard On The Dr Oz Show

Tuesday 30 July 2013

Dr. Oz talks camel toe (or “Reverse Wedgies” as Dr. Oz likes to call them) on his show with Joan Rivers and her daughter Melissa. The pair discuss with Dr. Oz, the Top 3 Health Mistakes celebrities make when on the Red-Carpet.

Saving the worst fashion faux pas and health mistake for last, camel toe, Dr Oz introduced them to SmoothGroove, which he called an elegant device - maybe Joan will give one to Mariah Carey, who she believes is a red carpet serial offender!

Dr Oz gives Joan Rivers and her daughter Melissa the SmoothGroove cameltoe guard

SmoothGroove The Secret Star Of Gok Live

Tuesday 30 July 2013

Gok Wan contacted us for SmoothGrooves for the swimwear section of his Summer Live TV Show. All the lovely ladies taking part looked fabulous in their swimwear - we are very proud!!

Gok Live Channel4

SmoothGroove - Useful Information

Thursday 13 June 2013


SmoothGroove prevents the embarrassing problem that some ladies get with gym and swimwear, as well as popular tighter fitting trousers and leggings, where they get an unwelcome ‘profile’ in the pubic region. The only term commonly in use for this is ‘camel toe’, (we have searched high and low for a medical or technical term, but there isn’t one). SmoothGroove is already a global success and has recently been

SmoothGroove is –
• Created, designed and manufactured in the UK
• Made from a medical grade polymer with added antibacterial agent
• Safe, hygienic and comfortable – women forget it is there!
• Washable
• Beautifully packaged with its own satin pouch to store it discreetly
• Moulds to the contours of the body and works with the natural movement of the body

SmoothGroove has featured on British and American Television and Radio-
• The Only Way Is Essex
• British TV’s Breakfast Show Fashion Feature (Lorraine Kelly)
• Channel 4
• BBC Radio
• American Radio Shows ‘Your Time With Kim’ and ‘Andrea Adams-Miller’
• Australian Radio
• Dr Oz – American TV with Joan Rivers

SmoothGroove has featured in –
• The Sunday Times
• The Daily Telegraph
• The Sunday Mirror ‘Celebs’ Magazine
• Love It! Magazine
• Glamour Magazine
• Cosmopolitan

SmoothGroove has been tested by a professional ice skater who wore it for a whole routine. She said, ‘…it didn’t move, was very comfortable and it works!..’


SmoothGroove - Camel Toe Solution

SmoothGroove - Celebrity Stylists Summer Wardrobe Essential

Tuesday 11 June 2013

Do what the Celebrities do and pack a SmoothGroove with your summer gear. Wear it with swimwear, shorts, linen trousers.... and have a Fabulous, Glamorous, Camel Toe-Free summer!

Be Confident and Gorgeous This Summer With SmoothGroove

Top Style and Beauty Blogger DELLILAH Talks SmoothGroove!

Friday 22 March 2013

Top style and beauty blogger Dellilah has given her verdict on SmoothGroove - and it's a perfectly manicured thumbs up! Read it here

Follow Dellilah on Twitter @dellilah1982

Dellilah -